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Who are VIP Vendors? | San Antonio Wedding Planners

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February 17, 2022


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We realize that there are so many San Antonio wedding planners in the area, and we all operate a little bit differently – which is fine! But for our team here at Scarlet Rose, we live by Phase-Based Planning: a method that allows you the time and freedom to truly enjoy your engagement, while still getting ish done along the way. If you head back over to the post on Our Signature Planning Process, you’ll read about the three main phases we suggest to work through your wedding planning. That first phase is nailing down your VIP Vendors, and today we’re breaking that down.

VIP Vendors Can Only Perform One Wedding a Day

bride and groom sitting on stairs at Park31


We begin categorizing VIP vendors in the simplest form: they can do one wedding in a day. The most obvious vendor for this is your wedding venue. Some of our favorite places to work (read more about those here!) will host you and your guests alone on wedding day. So that means if you have had your heart set on the perfect Hill Country venue for a Saturday in October, you’d better secure that first. When choosing the best venue, you’ll need to determine your style, ideal setting (indoor or outdoor), and ability to accommodate your guest count. Our top tip? Be flexible in the month or day of the week if you are looking to get married during peak season.

groom dips and kisses bride in front of venue
bride standing in front of Ian's Chapel at Camp Lucy
cocktail hour at Kendall Point venue

Photographer & Videographer

The next VIP vendors to consider that can only do one event in a day are your photographers and videographers. Do some of them have a team? Sure! But many wedding photographers and videographers are solopreneurs, and they know they can control how your day is captured and edited to stay within their brand. If you’ve been scrolling Instagram and have your ideal person in mind, we highly suggest reaching out to them as soon as you have your wedding date confirmed. And when doing so, communicate what it is you love about their work, and what you’d like to see in your gallery of images or video. Some places to start: look to their photography style and see if it matches what you like. Ask them if they have a second shooter included. Confirm the number of hours you’ll need services. Once you’ve got your venue, photographer and/or videographer on board, you’ve crossed off some of the biggest tasks to get started!

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family gathered around a candlelit table at dinner
bride laughing with groom in field at Kendall Point venue


Depending on your preference of a DJ or a live band, you may want to consider hiring this category next. While many DJ companies today have multiple people on their team, you may connect more with one person and want to ensure they are there on your wedding day. If you know you want a live band, you’ll want to secure them as soon as possible as well! Determine the style of entertainment you’re looking for, the level of involvement you want them to have with your guests, and go from there. Because let’s be candid for a moment – they can really make or break your reception.

bride and groom dancing and laughing at reception
black and white photos of reception dancing

VIP Vendors That Have a Significant Impact on Your Budget

The next category of VIP vendors that we suggest moving forward with are those that significantly impact your budget. If you guessed catering, you’re correct! Caterers (and really your guest count) will make up a large portion of your overall wedding budget, especially if having good food is important to you. Decide next if you want plated or a buffet, or maybe something less traditional like action stations. Just know that with each type of service comes a different level of cost, based on the amount of staff the catering team will need. And if your venue allows that caterer to provide bar service as well, you’ll have crossed another to-do off of your list!

appetizers displayed during cocktail hour
catering display for appetizers

VIP Vendors Rank Higher on Your Priority List

Let’s face it, what is important to one bride may not be important to the next. As your go-to team of San Antonio wedding planners, one of the questions we ask during every.single.consult. is, ‘what items are most important to you on wedding day?’ Some couples will answer us with an overall feeling. They want their day to be FUN. Or they feel strongly about the ceremony and want to ensure that is executed perfectly. Others will say that it’s all about the food, or entertainment, or floral for them. Have this conversation with your partner early on (and include parents if they’re contributing financially!) so you can begin your vendor search accordingly.

boho wedding design
photo lounge backdrop for wedding in San Antonio

When to Hire a Wedding Planner | San Antonio Wedding Planners

You may be reading this and thinking, whoa, but you left out your own category! Saved the best for last, I say😉 A wedding planner should absolutely fall into your VIP vendor category, if you ask us. We realize some may not prioritize this service, and for others we are hired before you even choose a venue. If you’re struggling with the level of service needed, check out this blog post on the difference between a planner, designer, and coordinator. Chances are we have a Collection that best suits your needs, and we’d love to be a part of your day!

Now go grab a margarita (you’ve earned it!) and get to planning!

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Welcome to the SRE blog!
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